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New Book Discusses Dendrimers Application in Catalytic Design

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts: New Approaches based on Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling" to their offering.

This long-awaited reference source is the first book to focus on this important and hot topic. As such, it provides examples from a wide array of fields where catalyst design has been based on new insights and understanding, presenting such modern and important topics as self-assembly, nature-inspired catalysis, nano-scale architecture of surfaces and theoretical methods. With its inclusion of all the useful and powerful tools for the rational design of catalysts, this is a true "must have" book for every researcher in the field.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Use of Oxide Nanoligands in Designing/Controlling Active Sites
  • Optimal Design of Hierarchically Structured Porous Catalysts
  • Use of Dendrimers in Catalytic Design
  • Rational Design Strategies for Industrial Catalysts
  • Chiral Modification of Catalytic Surfaces
  • Catalytic Nanomotors
  • Rational Design and High-Throughput Screening of Metal Open Frameworks for Gas Separation and Catalysis
  • Design of Bimetallic Hydrogenation Catalysts: From Model Surfaces to Supported Catalysts
  • Self-Assembled Materials for Catalysis
  • Theory-Aided Catalyst Design
  • Use of In-Situ XAS Techniques for Catalysts' Characterization and Design
  • Catalyst Design Through Dual Templating


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