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MEMSIC Releases New Series of MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meters

MEMSIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:MEMS), a leading innovator of MEMS sensors and systems solutions, today announced its first generation family of high-performance MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meters.

The METF2000 is the first release in this new series of gas mass flow meter products that challenge the price and performance of traditional gas flow meters.

The METF2000 Gas Mass Flow Meter is based on patented thermal MEMS technology and directly senses the gas mass flow, without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. With a user-friendly operational interface and standards-based remote communication protocol, it is ideally suited for a variety of gas process control applications.

"The METF2000's wide dynamic range and high sensitivity enables customers to measure extremely low gas mass flow rates more accurately and cost-effectively than traditional meter solutions," said Steve Tsui, Vice President of Worldwide Sales - System Business. "It creates exciting opportunities for our customers to upgrade their flow metering systems for energy saving, process optimization, and other value-added advancements."

The METF2000 series of MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meters is designed to serve the needs of a wide range of industries, including steel, chemical, food, beverage, natural gas network. Key features of the METF2000 include: large turn-down rate (> 100:1), extremely low flow sensitivity (<2 mm/s), direct mass flow sensing, immunity to vibration, and less straight-run requirement.


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