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CNSE Presents Nano in the Mall Program at Crossgates Mall

University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) will organize,‘ Nano in the Mall’, a community outreach program together with National NanoDays 2011.

The program will be held at Crossgates Mall between March 28 and April 1 and will include interactive demos, stirring displays and hands-on activities. The program will highlight on the emerging impact of nanotechnology on education, healthcare, green energy, ecology and electronics.

The program will commence with Dr. Sara Brenner, CNSE Assistant Vice President for NanoHealth Initiatives, presenting the effects of nanotechnology in several areas of nanomedicine including identification, treatment and avoidance of diseases.

Dr. Vincent LaBella, CNSE Associate Professor of Nanoscience, will explain the effect of nanotechnology on video gaming applications and participants can experience a display showcasing the evolution of video games.

Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center (E2TAC) of CNSE will head all the activities of Wednesday and will enable attendees to experience fuel-cell cars and solar panels. Discussions on the effect of nanotechnology in green energy technologies that enhance efficiency, decreases cost and reliance on foreign oil will also be a part of the event.

Dr. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik, CNSE Associate Professor of Nanoengineering, will discuss on how CNSE scientists are utilizing Mother Nature as a model for developing nanotechnological  solutions that offer reliable energy and a greener environment.

The program will wrap up on Friday with Dr. Janet Paluh, CNSE Associate Professor of Nanobioscience. Attendees will be allowed to experience how tiny a nanometer is with the help of a microscope.


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