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Carbon Nanoparticles for Automotive Applications

Tekniker-IK4 is participating in the European CarbonInspired Project that will research on carbonaceous nanoparticles that will be used in construction and automobile applications.

The team will explore possibilities of developing a brake pedal that will measure the pressure of the foot, a vehicle paint that will be scratch proof and capable of self-repainting, self-lubricating engine parts, a cost-efficient and fire-proof construction panel and thermal insulating foam that exhibits improved efficiency. Nano- materials offer mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties allowing their use in multiple industrial applications.

The project commenced early 2011 by forming a consortium, that includes entities such as the Basque centre, the Centre for Automotive Technology of Galicia (CTAG), the Association for Research into Plastics Materials (AIMPLAS), the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) and the Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux (France).

The program will also develop a trade network between Spain, Portugal and southern France that will encourage the use of nanotechnology to develop materials that will be applicable in the automotive and construction industries.

The network will include public and private research and development centres developed by CarbonInspired and will help share knowledge between the consortium members and offer consultation services to companies located in southwestern Europe. It will particularly focus on small and medium-sized businesses towards creating new products and procedures based on carbonaceous nanoparticle.



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