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Blackbox Enters Share Exchange Contract for Printable Semiconductors

BlackBox Semiconductor announced the signing of a share exchange with Shrink Nanotechnologies. Under the terms of the agreement 100% equity interests of the Nevada-based BlackBox Semiconductor were sold to the publicly traded Delaware-based company.

Shrink Nanotechnologies is yet to receive a cash payment and nearly 14,000,000 of Shrink’s common shares will go to BlackBox.

BlackBox’ Semiconductor structures are being fabricated to produce large semiconductor components, as well as rigid and flexible surfaces. Semiconductor nanostructures feature specialized electronic and optical characteristics that enable the creation of advanced semiconductor materials to suit a wide range of market applications including energy storage, optical sensing, photovoltaics and other printed electronics.

Metal nanostructures and inorganic semiconductors having patent pending and proprietary electronic glues, stored and applied as a liquid, form a part of semiconductor electronic glue chemistry. The semiconductor liquids from BlackBox are applied using cost-effective printing and high throughput methods to deliver solid semiconductor structures and films that render high-performance.

Effective movement of electric charges between the nano-semiconductors is enabled by the electronic glue chemistry technique from BlackBox. The technique also increases mobility and movement of charge carriers within the semiconductor materials.


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