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BASF Presents Products to Enhance Wafer Cleaning, Cutting and Printing for Solar Sector

BASF, a chemical company, displays solar products at European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition help in Hamburg, Germany.

BASF presents cleaning fluid from SELURIS Clean, plastics Ultramid for connectors and junction boxes, Pluriol range wafer cutting fluids, inks and pastes from Cyposol and COLO-FAST, polyurethane casting systems.

BASF develops and provides solutions for doping, texturizing, etching, and cleansing poly- and mono-crystalline solar cells. The offering is extended by SELURIS Clean, an innovative and environment-friendly cleansing fluid. Prior to phosphoric acid doping, SELURIS Clean treatment offers both surface hydrophilization and pre-doped wafer cleaning in the final stage, leading to better dopant wetting.

Connectors are needed to utilize energy produced by photovoltaic plants efficiently. Electricity is transported to the final consumer using these connectors. BASF provides a unique variant of Ultramid plastic for junction boxes and connectors. The plastic additives of BASF allow all PV modules’ plastics to withstand sunlight and heat exposure. It provides a wide range of UV, light, and heat stabilizers for enhancing plastics’ strength.

BASF displays the Pluriol portfolio which includes wafer cutting fluids used in solar cell industry. These products enable wafer cutters to design cutting slurries so as to match process needs. The Pluriol portfolio favors economic production of optimized wafer through consistent high-quality, less-defective breakage, and high-yield of wafers with high-efficiency fluid recycling.

CypoSol represents a range of aluminum and silver pastes and inks for solar wafers’ metallization. It also includes inks used in the laser-transfer printing process. The inks are lead-free, environment-friendly and allow printing both in the back and front side of the wafer. COLO-FAST, the polyurethane casting system is a high-quality, reliable, and rapid technique to frame photovoltaic (PV) modules. The weather-proof and UV-stable PU system is capable of replacing aluminum frames with PV modules installed in and on the roof.


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