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Oxford Instruments Launch EBSD Detector Designed for Nanoscale Applications

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, a world leader in microanalysis systems, has launched a new EBSD detector at M&M 2011. The new NordlysNano addresses the growing requirements of nanoscale applications: it is 60% more sensitive than the previous generation of EBSD detector, the NordlysS.

The new NordlysisNano EBSD detector is 60% more sensitive than its predecessor, the NordlysS. It enables faster and higher resolution analysis of a crystal structure.

Increased sensitivity offers a number of benefits. Firstly, accurate EBSD data can be collected at lower beam energy, including low beam currents (<0.1nA) and low kV. Using lower energy beams is essential for applications where spatial resolution is required, for example nanoscale applications. It is also important when looking at beam sensitive samples, or non conducting samples. In addition, increased sensitivity enables faster data acquisition under comparable beam conditions.

According to EBSD Business Manager, Dr. Jenny Goulden, "As a business, Oxford Instruments aims to use innovation to turn smart science into world class products that delight our customers, and the NordlysNano is a classic example of achieving just that!".

The new detector will be demonstrated at M&M 2011 in Nashville, August 7th - 11th.

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