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Turkish Textile Manufacturer Employs Industrial Nanotech’s Nansulate Coatings at its Facility

Industrial Nanotech, a provider of nanoscience-based energy saving solutions, has announced that Kolorgen, its distributor in Turkey, has finished the deployment of Industrial Nanotech’s patented Nansulate thermal insulation coatings at Arik Bey Tekstil Enerji ve Sinai Yatirimlar’s facility located in Beysehir in Konya, Turkey.

Nansulate high heat corrosion prevention and thermal insulation coating was utilized to insulate dyeing machines and connected steam pipes in order to decrease energy usage, reduce surface temperature and decrease carbon emissions. After the completion of the initial project, the project will carry on at each of their two facilities, at Arik Bey Tekstil Enerji ve Sinai Yatirimlar’s and in Istanbul, Turkey.

Francesca Crolley, who serves as Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of Business Development, stated that the company has been offering energy-saving solutions to the textile production industry by insulating systems including heat exchangers, boilers, steam pipes and dyeing machines. The company has worked with several textile firms such as Henateks Textile that has achieved a 20% decrease in liquid natural gas consumption, Companies like Coats plc that anticipate a 10% decrease in its steam consumption and 2% reduction in carbon emissions, and several others decrease their energy consumptions considerably by using the Nansulate advanced insulation technology.

According to Kolorgen’s President, Vedat Bilgin, the company has constantly proved to numerous industries in Turkey and other nations that the Nansulate advanced insulation technology exceeds all other types of insulation in terms of durability, energy saving capability and longer operating life in adverse conditions.


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