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JSR Micro, CEA-Leti Partner to Design Lithography Processes at Sub-20 nm Node

CEA-Leti and JSR Micro have jointly declared that they will partner to design future-generation lithography processes and materials at the sub-20 nm node.

The partnership will concentrate on a maskless lithography (ML2) technology called direct write and on pitch division to enable further extension of 193 nm optical lithography for the sub-20 nm node to suit logic applications. This ML2 development will come under the IMAGINE project, a three-year program managed by CEA-Leti and semiconductor manufacturers, STMicroelectronics and TSMC are also a part of the project. The company is designing a maskless lithography system with the utilization of MAPPER lithography instruments for high output.

JSR Micro, CEA-Leti Partner to Design Lithography Processes at Sub-20 nm Node

The development of the sub-20 nm technology for future-generation lithography is one of the major focus areas of JSR Micro. The Program Manager at CEA-Leti, Serge Tedesco stated that one of the major challenges for lithography at the sub-20 nm node technology is the development of processes and materials. Extending standard optical lithography with the use of new technologies such as maskless lithography is a valid alternative and the organization is happy about its partnership with JSR to study these new fields.

The President of JSR Micro, Bruno Roland stated that the company knows well the requirements of its customers in terms of production, cost needs, continuous quality, product performance and materials innovation. Hence, the partnership with CEA-Leti will allow the company to be part of such a huge and ambitious project and take part in demanding lithography developments with practical market targets, he said. This partnership also allows the company to participate in the ML2 development along with enabling extension of optical lithography, he added.


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