Anti-Viral Drug Delivery Platform from Nanoviricides Recognised in Bionanotechnology II

Nanoviricides, a company specialising in the development of nanomaterials for treatment against viruses has been recognised for its new anti-viral technological platform in the book titled Bionanotechnology II: Global Prospects. Detailed coverage to the new platform is given in the chapter titled “Nanoviricides- A Novel Approach to Antiviral Therapeutics”.

The book talks about how the novel nanotechnology from Nanoviricides works against viruses by focussing on the binding mechanism of viruses to cells. A nanoviricide, which is a drug candidate has the ability to duplicate the binding pattern of the human cell. Hence when the virus detects the nanoviricide, it attaches itself to it. According to the company, the flexibility of the nanoviricide enables it to bind to the entire surface of the virus. When the nanoviricide covers the surface of the virus completely, it blocks the coat proteins used by the virus to bind to the cell. This process further disables the virus capsid. Since the virus loses its integrity, it becomes neutral and thus non-infectious.

The book, which is the second in the series of Bionanotechnology II: Global Prospects consists of 26 other contributions in the area of nanomedicines for anti viral therapy. The book also talks about nanobiomaterials, bioanalytical technologies and innovative medical devices. Nanoviricides is also involved in the development of drugs for various viral diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C, Dengue Fever, Rabies, H5N1 bird flu, Ebola virus and H1N1 Swine flu.


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