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First MEMS Technology Showcase to be Held at MEMS Executive Congress 2011

The first MEMS Technology Showcase, where firms can display their innovative MEMS-enabled products, will be moderated by Movea’s Executive Vice President, Bryan Hoadley.

The panel discussion will be held at MEMS Executive Congress, an event leveraging the commercialization of MEMS hosted by MEMS Industry Group from 2 to 3 November 2011 in the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in California.

In the event, seven finalists, which include Intel, Microvision, Proteus Biomedical, Recon Instruments, R0R3 Devices, Sunrex and Syride, will display their products. Intel will display its latest tablet form-factor reference design called Red Ridge that allows OEM developers and customers to design and produce their products utilizing the Medfield platform.

Microvision will display its portable, high-brightness pico projector called ShowWX+ that allows customers to project videos, presentations and images of size nearly 100" from devices, including laptop, iPad and iPhone, onto any accessible surface. Proteus Biomedical will demonstrate its Raisin System, a seamless solution integrating social networking, telecommunications, medical devices and pharmaceuticals into one system.

Recon Instruments will demonstrate its interactive display called MOD Live for the world’s first GPS-equipped goggles that provide real-time feedback, including time, temperature, a run-counter, stopwatch/ chrono mode, total distance travelled, vertical distance travelled, altitude, latitude/longitude, jump analytics and speed. R0R3 Devices will display its MEMS-enabled heart-rate monitor to measure heart rate accurately for medical and sports applications.

Sunrex will display its keyboard integrated in-air remote control called Air Mini Keyboard for media control and interactive TV applications in the pay TV industry. Syride will demonstrate its Sys-Evo, a compact and light electronic module for applications in surfboards. Every finalist will get five minutes to introduce and demonstrate their products, and a winner will be chosen by the audience through SMS voting.


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