Molecular Imprints to Supply Lithography Systems for 450 mm Wafer Production

Molecular Imprints, a pioneer in nanopatterning solutions, has declared that a major integrated circuit manufacturer has awarded an order to construct a first-of-its-kind 450-mm capable lithography system.

J-FIL technology in a semiconductor application

The order also includes a five-year term wafer patterning services agreement and the supply of more 450 mm nanoimprint systems as an option. The availability of superior quality imprint masks on the marketplace and Molecular Imprints’ in-house jet and flash imprint lithography (J-FIL) technology were the reasons behind the selection of the company to help the industry shift to 450 mm wafers.

Molecular Imprints’ J-FIL technology has exhibited its capability of 24 nm patterning with superior critical dimension uniformity of 1.2 nm CDU at 3 sigma and a line edge roughness of below 2 nm LER at 3 sigma, with scalability above sub-18 nm utilizing a basic single patterning step technique.

J-FIL’s low cost of ownership caused by eliminating intricate optical mirrors and lenses, power-consuming X-ray light sources, and upcoming ultrasensitive photoresists, make it suitable for the construction of the 450 mm lithography system. According to the terms of the contract, Molecular Imprints will deliver the lithography system and other wafer services starting from the second half of 2012.

The five-year term wafer services deal requires the delivery of 450-mm completely patterned wafers to the G450C consortium with a clause to purchase more J-FIL imprint systems when needed. Molecular Imprints’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Melliar-Smith stated that the company’s J-FIL technology is the industry’s only lithography system available that can accelerate the 450mm transition of the industry.


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