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Full Flight Technology Selects Analog Devices’ iMEMS Accelerometers for High-Precision Archery

Analog Devices’ innovative iMEMS technology-based 3-axis digital accelerometer called ADXL346 has been chosen by Full Flight Technology for its Velocitip Ballistic System, a first-of-its-kind system that uses an arrow-housed device to collect data on arrow speed, bow performance and flight dynamics for high-precision archery.

Analog Devices' ADXL346 MEMS accelerometer is integrated into the arrow tip of Full Flight Technology's Velocitip Ballistic System to measure arrow flight and target-impact data with precision. Graphic: Business Wire

For every shot using existing advanced archery equipment, an arrow is subjected to a weight of more than 1,000 g on launch and more than 4,000 g when it hits the target for every shot. Each arrow tip must be capable of surviving at least 100 shots.

During the development stage testing, Analog Devices’ ADXL346 MEMS accelerometer that was placed in an arrow tip successfully survived 100 cycles at 5,000 g. The accelerometer having a weight of below 6.5 g is placed in an aluminum arrow tip having a diameter of 9 mm. The arrow tip was powered for at least 100 shots by coin cell batteries. The ADXL346 offers measurement at a high 13-bit resolution of up to ±16 g. It has a built-in memory-management system having a 32-level first-in, first-out buffer to record ballistics data.

Full Flight Technology designs the Velocitip Ballistic System for competitive archers, sportsmen and archery equipment producers. The system comprises an arrow tip or field point, docking station, battery pack, PC software and USB cable. It uses the ADXL346 to collect downrange performance data by continually measuring drag of arrow in flight. Its arrow drag measurement capability eliminates the need of a down-range device to gauge performance of the arrow at target impact. Thus, the archer can now simply thread the arrow tip with the arrow in a traditional way and shoot at the target.


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