Rolith Uses Nanolithography to Create Nanostructured Products for Green Applications

Rolith, Inc. is developing advanced nanostructured products for solar energy, green building, solid state lighting and efficient display products using a proprietary nanolithography technology.

A scanning electron microscopy cross-sectional image of a photoresist patterned on glass wafer using RML system.

Their"Rolling Mask" lithography system (RML) has the potential to surpass current competitors in throughput, cost and quality. The technology is based on a novel concept of continuous (conveyor or Roll-to-Roll) nano patterning using cylindrical photomasks.

A prototype was designed and built in 2011 in partnership with SUSS Microtec AG. It allows patterning a 300 mm x 300 mm plates or 12" wafers (glass, Si, etc.). Rolith has filed 11 patent applications (pending) and successfully demonstrated printing dense nanostructures with less than 300 nm features; the team is working on further resolution enhancement development. Technology roadmap promises scaling up this method to 1m substrates later this year and up to 3 m plates in conveyor mode the next 2 years. In addition, the system will be adapted to handle flexible substrate materials in Roll-to-Roll mode.

Rolith, Inc. is looking for Joint Development Projects with solar companies (light trapping layers for solar cells), energy storage companies (nano structured electrodes), display manufacturers (nano structured TCOs), solid state lighting manufacturers (light extraction layers for LEDs and OLEDs), and other projects requiring low cost/high throughput/ large area nanopatterning technology. Rolith operates 4,000 sq. ft. facility in Pleasanton, CA and has a fully functional lithography, materials processing and metrology Labs. For inquiries please contact [email protected] or +1 925 548-6064.

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