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Comprehensive Book on Applied Aspects of Nanotechnology in Health Care

Research and Markets has added a new book, titled, "Nanotechnology in Health Care" to its collection.

Nanotechnology is one of the fastest developing fields in scientific research and is anticipated to provide a significant effect on nanomedicine and biomedical applications in the forthcoming years. Currently, nanotechnology is used to enhance tissue engineering, treatment, prevention and diagnosis of diseases.

The book provides updated information on applications of nanotechnology in human health care. It offers key information on different topics that promote enhanced biomedical research and nanomedicine with references, figure and image illustrations.

The important topics covered in the book include nanomedicine as the emerging field of nanotechnology to human health and its effect on ocular delivery and targeting, and immuno-nanosystems to CNS pathologies. It also discusses about a micelle-forming polymeric drug for cancer therapy, PEGylated zinc protoporphyrin, and provides an approach on drug or gene delivery of ORMOSIL nanoparticles to the brain.

In addition, the book talks about magnetic nanoparticles, nanobiotechnology and its applications in drug delivery and targeting to lungs. It also deals about aptamers and nanomedicine in cancer and nanotechnology for regenerative medicine.

The book is useful for scientists in the field of nanotechnology, nanosciences, macromolecular science, medicine, biology and chemistry as well as to graduate and undergraduate students of nanobiotechnology and nanotechnology.


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