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InvenSense Declares Dual-Source Supply Capacity for CMOS-MEMS Wafers

InvenSense, a provider of MotionTracking devices, has declared the dual-source supply capacity for its CMOS-MEMS wafers from two major semiconductor foundries, which include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has increased its CMOS-MEMS capacity over two-fold last year, to supply for InvenSense. GLOBALFOUNDRIES has incorporated InvenSense’s patented fabrication platform on its 8" CMOS manufacturing line. Hence, both the foundries will supply CMOS-MEMS wafers to InvenSense and its customers.

The company was able to receive the CMOS-MEMS integrated wafers from the foundries through its patented Nasiri-Fabrication Platform, which enables MEMS and CMOS wafers to integrate together using a wafer-to-wafer process. Subsequently, these wafers undergo the usual testing and packing procedures before they are delivered to customers across the globe.

When compared to the conventional Integrated Device Manufacturing method followed by majority of the MEMS inertial sensor producers, the fabless CMOS-MEMS design offers a number of benefits, which include increasing the 8" wafer fabs capacity that results in meeting the inertial sensors market requirements at affordable price and with less or no capital cost to InvenSense. Hence, this fabless manufacturing design is preferred by most semiconductor manufacturing industries.

InvenSense provides MotionTracking solutions for electronic devices customers across the world. Furthermore, the patented and patent pending platforms of the company are designed to meet the requirements of customers, which include gesture based interfaces and intuitive motion, precision and enhanced performance. InvenSense technology is found in tablets, smart phones, gaming devices, remote controls used for smart TVs and for optical image stabilization.


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