NANOSENSORS Unveils New Line of Wear Resistant, Highly Conductive AFM Probes

NANOSENSORS has unveiled the first two models of its new SPM probe line of highly conductive and wear resistant atomic force microscopy (AFM) tips.

The first types are namely platinum silicide (PtSi)-FM for force modulation mode and PtSi-NCH for non-contact mode. These new AFM probes have both conductive diamond coated probes and metal coated probes, which are the most widely utilized conductive probes for AFM. These tips are composed of PtSi, thus have conductivity comparable to that of metal coated tips but better than that of conductive diamond coated tips.

The PtSi AFM probes have a wear resistance nearly equivalent to that of diamond coated probes but much better than that of metal coated probes. Moreover, the radius of these tips is slightly lower than that of a typical metal coated AFM probes. They can be utilized for any type of electrostatic or electric AFM measurement, but not for SSRM.

The PtSi AFM probes can be utilized for Kelvin probe force measurements, electrostatic force measurements, conductive AFM, scanning capacitance AFM, and tunneling AFM. Other types, including tips for special purposes such as SSRM and AFM probes for conductive contact mode composed of the new material are under development.

NanoWorld’s trademark, NANOSENSORS is developing and fabricating advanced superior-quality tips for AFM and scanning probe microscopy. The products are specially designed for researchers at industrial research and development centers, research institutions and universities in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, biology, semiconductors, materials research, microtechnology and nanotechnology.


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