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Nanotechnology Firm Receives Canadian Government Investment

Integran Technologies, a nanotechnology firm based in Mississauga, Canada, has received a repayable investment worth $399,386 from the Canadian government through the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative.

The investment announced by Christian Paradis, the Honorable Minister of Industry, is for Integran Technologies’ project to develop next-generation of stronger metal alloys that are devoid of lethal beryllium copper. The company can expand its portfolio of products and customer base through this project. As part of the project, the company will work with the University of Toronto’s graduate-level engineering students.

Canada's Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative promotes pre-competitive development and industrial research projects in the defense, aerospace, security and space industries. The government has made an investment of over $825 million through this program in the aerospace and defense industry. Besides the Canadian government’s investment, the company received support from the U.S. Department of Defense in 2011 through the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program.

The President and Chief Executive Officer at Integran Technologies, Gino Palumbo stated that since its inception, the company has been focusing on developing eco-friendly replacements to lethal processes and materials. The company believes that through this project, it can optimize and demonstrate its patented nanotechnology as a feasible and cost-efficient replacement to beryllium alloying of copper—a reinforcing process widely used in several defense, aerospace and industrial applications.

Minister Paradis commented that this investment will help Integran Technologies to recognize new market potential in an up-and-coming market segment. Integran Technologies develops novel nano-structured aerospace and defense products, with superior performance and environmental standards.


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