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New Book Explains Physics of Nanoelectronics

Research and Markets has included a new book titled ‘Introduction to the Physics of Nanoelectronics’ from Woodhead Publishing to its catalogue.

This book outlines the physics of nanoelectronics and explains the theoretical features of nanoscale devices. It starts with an introduction of the quantum mechanics and mathematics associated with nanoscale electronics in order to better understand the following chapters. It covers graphene and carbon electronics, Hall effects, spintronics, quantum electronics, and nanoscale devices’ topological physics.

Theoretical methodology is devised utilizing non-equilibrium Green's function and quantum mechanical methods to compute electronic currents and explain the transport properties of these electronic currents at atomic scale. The book explains the spin Hall effect in detail and discusses its use in the promising spintronics field wherein the spin and charge of an electron is used.

The comprehensive book introduces gauge potential and topological dynamics with the relevant mathematics and analyzes their use in nanoelectronic systems in detail. It also explores graphene, which is recognized as the one of the emerging carbon-based nanostructures for use in nanoelectronics.

Key topics covered in the book include Physics and Mathematics for Nanoscale Systems; Nanoscale Physics and Electronics; Electron Dynamics in Nanoscale Device; Spin Dynamics in Nanoelectronic Devices; Spintronics and Spin Hall effects in Nanoelectronics; Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures for Nanoelectronics; and Topological Dynamics and Gauge Potential in Nanoelectronics.


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