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Industrial Nanotech Completes Initial Energy-Saving Projects at Several US Facilities

Industrial Nanotech, a provider of nanoscience-based solutions, has reported the completion of initial installations of its Nansulate thermal insulation and protective coatings at the facilities of numerous key US manufacturers operating in the textile and paper industries for surface protection, insulation and personnel protection.

Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of Business Development, Francesca Crolley stated that US manufacturers are now giving high priority to energy saving. The company is now witnessing a shift in focus by the US companies towards sustainability and expects that these initial projects will be expanded as company-wide projects very soon. In the past eight years, the company’s Nansulate products have offered meaningful energy savings and protection benefits for several industries, which include Coats, a textile manufacturer who is expected to save 2% in carbon emissions and over 10% in energy costs across its facilities as well as improve worker safety by reducing internal temperatures of the dye house.

Another textile manufacturer, Henateks planned to reduce energy consumption by 20% in an average and lowered its liquid natural gas consumption by more than 1 million m3 per year in the first two years. Industrial Nanotech has also offered Nansulate coatings for paper mills located in nations, including India. Nansulate coatings are also used in building insulation applications to provide energy savings.

Industrial Nanotech’s patented coatings enable US companies to execute a project at a lower cost with a shorter payback period of 6-18 months. The company anticipates more projects from US manufacturers in the future.


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