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NUENZ Seeks Support from InVentures for Commercialization of Advanced Nanofibers

The InVentures Group (IVG) offers financial, business and strategic services to organizations at any stage of development and provides support to turn the business profitable. The latest company to seek the services of IVG is New Zealand-based nanomaterials manufacturer, NUENZ.

Silicon Nitride Nanofibers

NUENZ has developed nanofibers of silicon nitride that could have an extensive range of industrial applications. Their highly desirable electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics make them suitable for high performance ceramic reinforcements. They could also be employed in nozzles, seals, valves, turbocharger rotors and heat exchangers by virtue of their elevated fracture resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to wear and tear. NUENZ is seeking IVG’s assistance in the commercialization of the nanofibers.

NUENZ CEO, John Errington stated that the company needed the support of an organization that had the industrial and technical expertise needed for the commercialization of nanomaterials and advanced ceramic materials and that IVG was a perfect fit. NUENZ is also partnering with a number of other industrial players in ceramic, metal and polymer manufacturing to assess the utilization of their silicon nitride nanofiber materials in these areas.

Keith Blakely, CEO of IVG, expressed excitement at the partnership and the avenues the new nanomaterial would open up for the ceramic industry.


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