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ASM International Launches Two New Advanced Deposition Systems

ASM International N.V, provider of production solutions for the semiconductor device industry, has introduced two new deposition systems to cater to the 300 mm high volume manufacturing (HVM) segment.

The new additions can support plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) and epitaxy deposition.

The first system to be launched was the Intrepid(TM) XP. It is an epitaxial process tool for single wafers and allows up to four epitaxial reactor modules to be configured to it. The Intrepid XP deposits epitaxial films containing strained silicon that is commonly employed in 20 nm CMOS transistors for reducing power consumption. The tool is a combination of ASM’s XP platform capabilities with their acquired transistor Epi expertise. The second product to be launched in this line is the XP8 system. It is a tool for single wafer process that supports both PEALD and PECVD applications. XP8 allows up to eight chambers of PECVD or PEALD to be configured and also has provision for incorporating them on the same platform.

The integration of PECVD and PEALD chambers using the XP8 could facilitate double and quadruple patterning spacers and low dielectric constant (low-k).

Tominori Yoshida, General Manager at ASM, stated that XP8 will help their customers maintain a reasonable per-wafer cost.


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