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InvenSense Gyro Finds Application in First Ever Motion Activated Screwdriver

A MEMS gyroscope product from InvenSense, a company that provides motion tracking solutions for consumer electronic products, is to find application in the first ever motion-activated screwdriver from Black & Decker that manages variable speeds and direction. The Lithium ion rechargeable screwdriver is labeled GYRO 4V MAX.

InvenSense ISZ-650 Gyroscope

The one of a kind product from Black & Decker is the first tool to achieve automated control by adopting gyroscope technology to serve as an interface activated by motion. Users of GYRO 4V MAX need to turn their wrist a quarter to the right for forward operation of the screwdriver and turn the wrist a quarter to the left for reverse operation.

The gyroscope selected by Black & Decker for its innovative power tool is the InvenSense ISZ-650. It is a MEMS gyroscope with an integrated Z-axis. The gyroscope scores high on performance and robustness and is designed to withstand high shock.

Ali Foughi, Vice President of Marketing at InvenSense, expressed his pleasure at Black & Decker’s choice of InvenSense gyroscope for their novel power tool. He stated that InvenSense is recognized as a performance leader in the consumer electronics market serviced by their MEMS gyroscopes and the intended application in the world’s first motion enabled screwdriver is evidence of InvenSense’s entry into new markets on the strength of its technology.

InvenSense provides MotionTracking solutions for consumer electronic devices across the globe. The patent-pending MotionFusion technology and patented Nasiri-Fabrication platform address the growing needs of numerous consumer applications like precision, enhanced performance, gesture-based interfaces, and intuitive motion.


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