mPhase Endeavors to Develop Rechargeable Version of Smart NanoBattery

mPhase Technologies has announced that it is investigating potential ways to make its Smart NanoBattery rechargeable.

The Smart NanoBattery is a flagship product of the company. It is touted to be the first power management solution that combines the properties of extended life, reliability, and safe disposal. The battery is convenient to use and is inexpensive. It demonstrates its capabilities in emergency situations that matter between life and death. It is considered to be a green solution, as the disposal of the product at the end of its life has been incorporated into the design of the product.

mPhase Technologies has announced that it is investigating the potentiality of the Smart NanoBattery in upgrading it as a rechargeable product. The company considers that if within the next one year it was able to acquire more capital for conducting research, then it will be able to make significant progress towards achieving a rechargeable Smart NanoBattery.

Earlier, mPhase had announced that it was utilizing advanced new materials such as graphene in increasing the potential of Smart NanoBattery with additional new printing technologies. In July, 2012, the company had reported that it had entered into an official agreement with a New Jersey-based academic institution for collaborating in government projects that involved study of graphene-based methods for performing ink jet printing of electronic circuits and batteries.

The present focus of the company is to develop a battery that has a long shelf life and also has the ability to be recharged with a short time period.


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