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BIONOVA Develops Customized Skin Care Products Using NANO-COMPLEXES

Like personal diet and personal trainer, which are common nowadays, BIONOVA has introduced a personal skin care product called the N1-CUSTOM line.

Bionova: Science Beauty Customization

The N1-CUSTOM line cover all factors that have an impact on skin function, including weight, ethnic background, age, gender, and weather condition. BIONOVA is capable of finding a solution to virtually any skin problem, thanks to its technological ability to compose NANO-COMPLEXES based on the personal profile of a customer.

NANO-COMPLEXES decides the efficacy of each BIONOVA product. Every NANO-COMPLEXES comprises 80 to 100 bioactive ingredients in nano and pico quantities similar to those seen in a human body, thus facilitating the skin to identify and absorb them in order to reinstate its normal functioning.

The probability of formula replication is 1 in 60 million, thanks to the accuracy of the doctor's designed questionnaire. The innovative proprietary database and software convert all responses into a formula. Lab technicians at BIONOVA create a product from scratch immediately after the appearance of the formula on the lab monitor. After creating a product, it requires 12 hrs to attain equilibrium of NANO-COMPLEXES. After this period, the product can be shipped across the globe.

Life science nanotechnology is the new advancement in skin care as well as in other life science fields such as nutrition and pharmaceutical, customizing a person’s own nutrition supplements and medication. The capability to compose NANO-COMPLEXES facilitates the body to reinstate broken informational links without affecting the natural processes. Life science nanotechnology is the prospect of life science fields as it is most healthy, harmonious, and logical to the human body way.


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