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Nano Labs Secures Provisional Patent for Advanced Nano Thermal Insulation Coating

Nano Labs Corp. ("Nano Labs" or the "Company") (OTCBB: CTLE) is pleased to announce it has been issued a provisional patent for a next generation nano thermal insulation coating. The Company believes that the filing of this application marks an important milestone for the U.S.-based nanotechnology development company and for the execution of its business strategy.

With the filing of the patent application complete and the provisional patent issued, the Company believes that they have developed a path through which they may partner with industry to commercialize an innovative nano thermal insulation product. As an important competitive advantage, the coating provides also fire and heat protection at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius.

The nano thermal insulation coating outlined in the provisional patent may be directly applied to virtually any surface, from wood to metal, often without the need to remove existing coatings. The nano thermal coating is also resistant to corrosion, rust, water, and oxidization -- making it particularly durable, as does its capability of reflecting up to 82% of ultraviolet rays that, over time, can contribute to deterioration involving structural materials such as PVC.

The Company asserts that the coating protects against acid rain. Further the Company contends that the product: (i) does not emit or retain odors, (ii) is particularly effective as a barrier against toxic materials, (anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal) and (iii) displays auto-wash properties in the rain while maintaining a shimmering clear or white color.

"By manipulating matter on a very small scale, we are able to create a new chemical mixture in which the strengths of this mixture are exponentially greater than the sum of the parts," stated Dr. Victor Castano, Chief Research and Innovations Officer "Nano Labs' process for the development of this coating makes it commercially and economically viable for use across all industry applications. As our first product entry, we believe it is commercially strong and diverse. We are looking forward to testing with a variety of industry partners, distributors and government bodies and offer all retail channels a significantly more effective, more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and easier to use application than is conventionally available. There is immense potential for this coating's application in industrial and residential settings worldwide."

Mr. Bernardo Camacho, President of Nano Labs, stated, "The nano coating can serve as an insulation agent to reduce energy costs, protecting against overheating, corrosion, and microbial growth, especially in a hot and humid environment. We believe this promises significant savings in air-conditioning costs when applied as an exterior coating. As a 'radiant barrier,' it has the potential to change the rate of heat transfer by reflecting the solar radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the material underneath the coated surface. As a result, this material has the potential to reduce air-conditioning related costs by as much as 40%," Mr. Camacho explained.

"All told, our successful filing represents a significant achievement for us. Our nanotech coating is competitively positioned as a better practical and economic alternative to industrial thermal coatings and paints currently used in the marketplace," Mr. Camacho concludes. "Our job now is to work with industry to bring this innovative solution to the marketplace."


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