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China Carbon Collaborates in Graphene Technology Research

China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc. ("China Carbon" or the "Company"), the largest wholesale supplier of fine-grain and high-purity graphite in China and one of the nation's top manufacturers of carbon and graphite products, is pleased to announce it has been working on a graphene technology research program with the top Chinese institute in that field.

Speaking at the HiAlpha® Mining Investment Conference in New York last week, CEO Donghai Yu stated that the company's future lies in high-tech graphite products and cited the need to expand its technological research on graphene. "As one of our future growth strategies, a breakthrough in this area would be decisive in distinguishing our company as the leader of this industry in China. We are confident that we will make further progress in 2013, and solidify our position as one of China's premier graphite companies."

According to the American Chemical Society, graphene is a "wonder material" 100 times stronger than steel, yet so thin that a single ounce of it could cover 28 football fields. Graphene is a cutting-edge carbon allotrope similar to graphite, but with only a one-atom thick molecular structure that gives it phenomenally strong and light-weight properties. Additionally, graphene is flexible and a better conductor than copper, making it a revolutionary material for a broad range of industries.


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