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Graphene and Human Brain Picked Among Six Visions for Frontier Research

On 28th January 2013, the European Commission announced that the winning projects are Graphene and Human Brain. Both initiatives are set to receive one billion euros each over ten years.

Europe is set to embark on two bold, visionary projects. The projects aim to invest up to one billion euroover ten years to fuel revolutionary discoveries. The Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship (FET)programme picked two among six visions for frontier research. These will go beyond conventional limitson information and communication technology (ICT) and map out how they will deliver a better future forEuropean citizens. The tagline is “Science beyond fiction” (

The six pilot projects were shortlisted according to scientific excellence, potential for realising breakthroughdiscoveries and opening new ground on Europe’s social and industrial challenges. They spent a yearrefining their proposal, and the announcement arrived yesterday. The winners are “Graphene” and “HumanBrain”.

“Graphene” looks at the near magical possibilities of a material which has wowed scientists but has yetto hit industry. It could revolutionise flexible, wearable and transparent electronics and high performancecomputing. The “Human Brain Project,” aims to integrate clinical information and neuroscience insights tobuild computer models of the human brain; this would quicken progress in human diseases, but also futurecomputing.

Presentations of the six shortlisted pilot projects are available at youtube, channel/UCPWi8cy3yD3_aZup4boE3GQ


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