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NanCogenics Co-Founder to Present at BioNanoMed International Conference

Officials at NanCogenics, Inc. announced today that Co-Founder Dr. Jim Klostergaard has been invited to present at the upcoming BioNanoMed 4th International Conference on Nanotechnology, Medicine and Biology, to be held March 13-15, in Krems, Austria.

Dr. Klostergaard will speak abouta paper titled “A Cancer Treatment Modality Based on the Tumor-Specific Localization of Cancer Therapeutics”, which will discuss the application of the company’s tumor targeting platform as a clinical procedure.

This prestigious three day congress will bring together academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental institutions to discuss current, emerging and future trends of the converging fields of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Medicine. The theme for BioNanoMed 2013 is Nanotechnology Enables Personalized Medicine which focuses on current and developing efforts to bring an individualized approach to cancer therapy. 

The NanCogenics technology platform, as envisioned by Co-Founders, Dr. Klostergaard, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Oncology at the University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX), and Charles Seeney, Managing Director of NewTech Development (Edmond, OK), enables the emerging trend to personalized medicine.  The nanotechnology-based platform is based on designed therapeutic nano prodrugconstructs that respond to external magnetic forces in targeting tumor sites, generating effective anti-tumor results without harm to normal tissue or organs, thereby substantially reducing the feared side effects and complications often attributed to chemotherapy.  The Co-Founders believe that the advancement of this platform to the clinic will lead to significant improvements, not only in cancer chemotherapy, but also as a means of targeting a range of new cancer therapeutics now under development.

The Company’s newly recruited President and CEO, states that “this conference provides a significant first step in our efforts to raise the awareness of the potential of magnetic localization, and the impact NanCogenics can have in the emerging field of nanomedicine”.He further states that the Company is moving forward with funding mechanisms to support business objectives and anticipated future FDA IND filings.

Overall, NanCogenics sees itself as a resource for enhanced and improved therapeutic performance, with more drug penetration occurringatthe target site and less to normal tissue.  The capacity to localize cytotoxic drugs in high concentrations at the tumor site will lead to more effective treatment regimens, greater patient compliance to therapyand improved outcomes, such as patient quality of life and survival rates.

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