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Graphene Nanochem Amasses $50 Million on UK's AIM

LOMIKO METALS INC. (the "Company") recently presented to the Richmond Club in Toronto, a network of wealthy individual investors, analysts and fund managers outlining details on the Lomiko and Graphene Labs Strategic Alliance announced February 15, 2013 and commenting on recent carbon purity tests.

Lomiko confirms that results for the tests were reported as per industry standard to two decimal points. Readings of 100.00% carbon purity were reported as 100% and are considered ultra high purity by industry standards and comparable to synthetic graphite. A video of the presentation is available:

Regarding the Strategic Alliance, A. Paul Gill, CEO and Director of Lomiko states: "Recently, Graphene Nanochem has raised $ 50 million on the London, U.K. AIM. We believe Lomiko and Graphene Labs are poised to benefit from tremendous interest in graphene. We are working on attracting a strategic investor to participate in our vertically integrated graphene business opportunities."

Scope of the Strategic Alliance

Lomiko and Graphene Labs agree to co-develop a vertically integrated supply chain that includes a secure supply of high-quality graphite, cost-effective and scalable processing, tight quality control and integration of graphene-based products in end-user products. The parties will capitalize on the secure supply of high quality graphite, provided by Lomiko, and the extensive customer database and expertise in graphene materials brought by Graphene Labs.

Lomiko will provide mineral samples from the Quatre Milles Project required for testing natural high quality flake graphite for graphene conversion over the two year Agreement.

Graphene Labs will develop a feasible procedure for the purification of flake graphite for use in graphene production, and will provide guidance on technologies tailored to the production of graphene and graphene-related materials.

The Agreement also calls for joint Research and Development, Public Relations efforts, and business and marketing strategy for end uses of the graphite and graphene products. Lomiko will also have the option to provide equity financing(s) to Graphene Labs on an exclusive basis for two years providing that it meets Graphene Labs funding criteria of raising at least $ 500,000 US Dollars within eight months of the agreement,$ 1,000,000 US Dollars within twelve (12) months and $ 2,000,000 US Dollars within eighteen (18) months. If the conditions are not met, Lomiko loses the exclusivity but keeps the right to participate in financings on a non-exclusive basis.

The Agreement is subject to approval by the TSX.

On Behalf of the Board

A. Paul Gill, Chief Executive Officer


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