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Applied Minerals, Sigma-Aldrich Partner to Supply Dragonite Halloysite Clay to Research Market

Applied Minerals, Inc., the leading global producer of Halloysite Clay solutions, today announced the signing of an agreement with Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, a leading Life Science and High Technology Company, to market and distribute Dragonite™ Halloysite Clay to researchers worldwide through the Aldrich Materials Science initiative.

Dragonite Halloysite Clay is a natural, biocompatible aluminosilicate clay that possesses a unique tubular structure. Applications of the material include high-value solutions for flame retardancy, controlled release, environmental remediation, nanocomposites, as well as many other areas. According to Bryce P. Nelson, Initiative Lead for Aldrich Materials Science, "Over the past decade, researchers have taken an increasingly strong interest in utilizing the unique properties of this material to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions in a growing number of high value applications. The addition of Dragonite™ Halloysite clay expands Aldrich's growing family of products developed for engineers and materials scientists."

According to Andre Zeitoun, President and CEO of Applied Minerals, Inc., "Sigma-Aldrich is the global leader in providing new materials to the research market. Through operations in forty countries, Sigma-Aldrich can provide researchers global access to our Dragonite product. Improved availability of halloysite clay to researchers worldwide can enable continued growth of the already impressive list of publications citing Dragonite™ Halloysite Clay."

Under terms of the agreement, Aldrich Materials Science will market and distribute research quantities of Dragonite™ Halloysite Clay, while Applied Minerals will continue to market its halloysite clay solutions to commercial customers through its domestic and international sales network.


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