Cancer Study Featuring Use of NaturalNano's Halloysite Published in Journal of Nanomaterials

NaturalNano, Inc. announced that Dr. Michael King, of Cornell University, published his most recent study featuring the use of NaturalNano's Halloysite Natural Tubes (HNT) in Journal of Nanomaterials (

The Study demonstrated that the capture of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood can be targeted more effectively by the incorporation of HNT onto the surface of devices used for the capture of CTCs in blood. King's Lab has been developing new methods for the isolation of intact, viable cancer cells from patient blood, based on the physiological adhesion of selectin proteins in micro-scale flow devices.

Here is a link to the freely accessible paper:

Dr. King, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University, states, "The ability to create stable coatings of HNT using an extremely thin layer of poly-L-lysine allows the creation of nanostructured surfaces to which living cells respond. The Microtubes with HNT incorporated onto their surface were found to enhance the natural CTC's rolling mechanism allowing the target cells to be exposed to specific therapeutic agents or isolated and collected for diagnostic and research purposes."

James Wemett, NaturalNano CEO, said, "We are pleased to have our HNT technology used in Dr. King's important work and to be featured in the Journal of Nanomaterials. We look forward to the further use of HNT in medical applications."


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