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CAN to Expand its Product Range with the New Fluorescent Nanocrystals Series A Plus

The nanoexperts from the Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH in Hamburg will expand their product portfolio with the fluorescent nanocrystals Series A plus.

These are inorganic semiconductor core/shell particles with an elongated morphology. Owing their long lasting experience in the production and modification of nanoparticles as well as close collaborations with customers this new system has been developed at CAN, which is highly suitable for demanding applications.

CANdots Series A plus fluorescent nanocrystals.

CANdots® Series A plus - nanocrystals show extremely high quantum efficiency, an enhanced processability as well as an intense absorption coefficient in the high energy region. Their brightness is two to four folds higher compared to conventional dots.

For the first time, this new product series will be presented at the NSTI Nanotech (13th through 16th of May) in Washington, one of the most significant show for nanotechnology worldwide.

CAN is going to participate the show on the joint stand with the VDI as well as the "Nano in Germany” association on booth No. 301. Accounting the close collaboration with the specialty chemical distributor STREM chemicals an introduction of this new product into their catalogue will happen during the event.

Through their catalogue these bright nanocrystals can be directly ordered in the colors green, orange and red. "We will take the opportunity during this show to socialize with companies and institutions for strategic and commercial partnerships in nanotechnology in order to intensify our research and development activities.", says Dr. Frank Schröder-Oeynhausen, Chief of Operation at CAN. Further information about CAN GmbH on CAN GmbH offer companies and other institutions bilateral contract R&D services in the area of nanotechnology.

Furthermore, CAN GmbH participate in national and international research programs. They focus on the utilization of new concepts in nanochemistry, especially in the fields of material science (components for solar and fuel cells), life science (diagnostic agents) and home & personal care/industry (cosmetics, detergents, specialty polymers).

Their main expertise is the production of various nanoscaled materials like fluorescent, magnetic and catalytically-active nanocrystals. These products are marketed under the brand CANdots® and are dispersible in polar or unpolar media readily available for applications in research and industry.

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