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Andain Provides Update on Intra-Dermal Nano-Technology for Wrinkle Treatment and Skin Tissue Regeneration

Andain Inc. ("Andain" or the "Company"), a company engaged in commercializing novel technologies in biotech, medical and life sciences fields through its incubator program, today discussed and provided an update on its breakthrough, innovative peptide booster and delivery nano-particles for wrinkle treating and regenerating skin tissue collagen.

Andain has developed an intra-dermal nano-technology enhancing skin penetration of collagen cell stimulant peptides for cosmetic anti-wrinkle products.

The Company's lipid-based nano-particles technology delivers generic peptides into the dermis skin layer, providing efficient and safe transport of peptides through the epidermis without physical or chemical changes in the skin barrier properties. Andain's nano-particle technology provides effective protection of peptides from degradation by skin enzymes. With the designed controlled and timed release mechanism of the peptides at the dermis, this technology provides a prolonged and sustained treatment with no change or alteration of the skin properties. The nano-particles technology transfers and delivers the active-agent peptide payload through the epidermis to the dermis, preventing any amino acids attack on the payload and a controlled mechanism releases the active agent payload directly to the dermis collagen generating cells.

The Company's intra-dermal delivery technology results in a safe way to deliver generic collagen generating boosters to the skin. The nano-particles shield the peptide from enzyme reaction all the way from the skin surface, through all the skin layers to the dermis. These shilling properties provide outstanding delivery properties, reducing the needed peptide quantity to 1/8 - 1/10 from normal peptide dosage use. Treatment increases by the adhesives properties to the collagen generating skin cells and timely peptides release a mechanism for prolonged treatment.

Andain's President and CEO, Sam Elimelech , commented, "Our Intra-dermal skin delivery technology shows outstanding properties enabling very safe and efficient cosmetic use of a peptide cocktail. Currently, we are in the process of scaling up production methods and clinical test preparation for marketing purposes."


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