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Cambrios to Present on Silver Nanowire-Based Transparent Conductive Coating Material at Display Week 2013

WHO: John LeMoncheck, Sri Peruvemba, Dr. Rahul Gupta and Dr. Florian Pschenitzka from Cambrios Technologies Corporation, the leader in silver nanowire-based solutions for the transparent and flexible conductor markets.

WHAT: During Display Week 2013, Cambrios executives will deliver four presentations, each of which will detail the characteristics and benefits of Cambrios’ silver nanowire-based ClearOhm™ transparent conductive coating material. The presentations will reveal how and why ClearOhm material is emerging as the leading alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) in three distinct markets: mobile devices, large-area touch panels and OLED lighting. The presentations are:

  • “Strategies for Mobile Wave”
    9:20 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on May 20 at the IHS/SID 2013 Business Conference

    Sri Peruvemba, chief marketing officer for Cambrios, will participate in a panel discussion on new trends and technologies driving the future of smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other next-generation mobile devices. For example, current demand for unbreakable phones and tablets is driving the need for flexible, high performance transparent conductors on plastic substrates.
  • “Advanced Technologies and Materials Impacting the Display Ecosystem”
    3:40 – 5:05 p.m. on May 21 at the 9th Annual SID/Cowen 2013 Display Investors Conference

    John LeMoncheck, president and CEO of Cambrios, will discuss emerging ITO-alternatives (including silver nanowires, metal mesh, conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes), and will share how Cambrios’ silver nanowire material is enabling touch for large area touch panels as well as flexible and foldable displays. LeMoncheck will also describe Cambrios’ partnerships with leading coated film-makers, IC makers and sensor makers. This sophisticated partner ecosystem supports high volume production and is already delivering ClearOhm-based touch solutions to ODMs and OEMs.
  • “Touch Gesture Motion”
    4:40 p.m. on May 22 at the SID Market Focus Conference on Touch Gesture Motion

    Dr. Rahul Gupta, senior director of Business Development for Cambrios, will discuss how Cambrios’ ClearOhm transparent coating material is expediting the development and adoption of touch-enabled tablets, laptops and monitors. ClearOhm material offers excellent optical properties, high conductivity and flexibility, at cost points low enough to enable consumer devices. This silver nanowire-based ITO-alternative is ideal for creating thin, light and shatterproof touch sensors, and is even facilitating touch on gorilla glass and flexible touch sensors to enable exciting new form factors.
  • “Session 61: OLED Lighting I”
    9:00 – 10:20 a.m. on May 24 at the Display Week 2013 Symposium

    Dr. Florian Pschenitzka, senior scientist for Cambrios, will present his paper, “Bottom-Emitting Large-Area Stacked White OLED with Silver Nanowire Network as Transparent Anode,” which details the benefits of Cambrios’ ClearOhm silver nanowire material as an alternative to ITO for OLED solid-state lighting. ClearOhm transparent electrodes enable efficiencies of more than 40 Lm/W, improve angle dependence of color, and can enable metal grid free large area OLED lighting tiles, such as the 100 cm2 (10 cm by 10 cm) OLED lighting tile Cambrios created recently in a collaboration with Novaled.

WHY: As touchscreen, display and OLED technologies evolve, manufacturers are increasingly demanding cost-effective, flexible and highly conductive materials to facilitate low-cost, high volume production of their innovations. Though there are several ITO alternatives available, Cambrios’ ClearOhm coating material is the only commercially-available solution with performance exceeding that of ITO. ClearOhm material is used in several consumer devices available on the market today, including smartphones, touch-enabled laptops, large touchscreen monitors and All-in-One computers.

WHERE/Display Week 2013

WHEN: May 19-24, 2013
Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada


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