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BiOptix to Highlight 404pi SPR Instrument at IBC’s 8th Annual Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit

BiOptix today announced participation and support in IBC’s 8th Annual Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit in San Diego, California. At the event, BiOptix will highlight the BiOptix 404pi, a next-generation SPR instrument that is changing the way that scientific researchers think about label-free instrumentation.

“The BiOptix 404pi, which is new to the market, is receiving a lot of attention and interest from both protein as well as small molecule researchers,” noted Ken Wilczek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BiOptix. “The first half of 2013 has been quite remarkable as we have received a significant amount of interest and requests to evaluate the BiOptix 404pi through the BiOptix Innovators Program.” Scientific researchers are invited to learn more about BiOptix and the 404pi via the BiOptix Innovators Program—a unique to the industry “try before you buy” SPR instrumentation demo program. This no cost, no obligation program—which is ideal for today’s cost-conscious environment—allows researchers to use the BiOptix 404pi in their lab and on their schedule. Details about the BiOptix Innovators Program can be found at:

Surface Plasmon Resonance is an advanced and highly sensitive optical technology that measures refractive index changes on a sensor chip’s gold surface due to a change in mass that occurs during a binding event. This change can be used to monitor biological interactions such as the concentration of target molecules, kinetic rates and affinity constants. BiOptix has developed and patented a novel ultra-sensitive detection platform known as Enhanced Surface Plasmon resonance, or ESPR. Unlike traditional SPR, ESPR instrumentation from BiOptix enables the high sensitivity of SPR with the high stability and lower noise of common path interferometry.

About BiOptix

BiOptix Diagnostics is a privately held firm based in Boulder, Colorado, with leading investments from Boulder Ventures, Remeditex and Rusnano. BiOptix has developed a new class of analytical biosensor instrumentation utilizing a patented high-throughput label-free technology known as ESPR – Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance. BiOptix instrumentation allows researchers to study label-free protein-protein and protein-small molecule interaction—with high sensitivity and high throughput. Applications include: Protein-small molecule interactions, protein-protein kinetics, antibody affinities and epitope mapping, oligosaccharide characterization, nucleic acid (DNA-DNA or DNA-RNA) hybridization and biomolecule concentration measurements. Additional information about BiOptix and our products can be found at:


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