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New Report Covers Quantum Dot Materials, Technologies, and Products

Industry Analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced the addition of a new report to its publication schedule titled, "Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots" that will be released the week of July 29, 2013.

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About the Report:

This new NanoMarkets report provides an in depth market analysis of recent developments in the field of quantum dots (QDs), examining the latest products, strategies and technical developments in electronics applications for these emerging materials. We identify how QDs are likely to penetrate addressable markets in biotechnology, lighting, displays, and other applications:

  • We examine the potential for QDs used as phosphors in the solid-state LED lighting sector.
  • We look at the potential for QDs used in display backlighting units vs. QDs used to make direct emission "QD-LED" displays.
  • We also assess the status of the use of quantum dots in biotechnology applications, which were the first commercial adopters of QDs.

The report also includes NanoMarkets' assessments of the strategies of leading firms active in the QD space.  As always with NanoMarkets reports, this report contains granular forecasts of QD shipments in volume and value terms.

Coverage Outline:

Quantum Dot Materials, Technologies, & Products

  • Overview of Common QD Materials
  • Properties of Quantum Dots – The Central Value Proposition
  • Colloidal vs. Solid State Synthesis of QDs
  • Size Control and Film Formation with QDs
  • Key Suppliers of QDs and QD Technologies
  • Issues Facing the QD Industry Today
  • Specialty vs. Commodity Production – How to Scale Up
  • The High Cost of QDs
  • Environmental Issues and Potential Toxicity of QDs
  • Regulatory Hurdles

Applications for Quantum Dots

  • Displays
  • How Do QD Technologies Compete with OLEDs?
  • QD Backlighting Units for LCDs – Improving the Color Gamut
  • QD-LED Displays – When Will These Appear?
  • Lighting Applications and QDs
  • Improving the CRI and Color Temperature of SSL Products with QDs
  • QDs in General Illumination Applications
  • Other Possibilities for QDs in the Lighting Industry
  • Biotechnology & Biomedical Applications for QDs
  • Early Adopters of QD Technologies
  • Key Uses for QD in the Biotech Sector
  • Other Applications for QDs
  • QD Solar Cells
  • QD Computing & Memory
  • QD Lasers
  • Optical Components and QDs
  • Security And Tagging Applications for QDs

Forecasts of Quantum Dots

  • Forecasts for QDs in Displays by Application
  • QDs as Phosphor Substitutes in LED Backlighting of Conventional LCDs
  • QDs in Direct Emission QD-LED Displays
  • Forecasts for QDs in Lighting Applications
  • QDs in General Illumination Products
  • QDs in Other Lighting Sectors
  • Forecasts for QDs in Biotechnology & Biomedicine Applications
  • Forecasts for QDs in Other Applications


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