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Rafarma and CAU Partner to Create Nano-Crystals for Developing Higher Bioavailability Products

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces a cooperative research and development effort with Christian Albrecht University in Kiel on the following projects:

  • The development of innovative Liposomal forms, anti-cancer and anti-tuberculosis drugs with certain targeted pharmacokinetic characteristics. The goal is to create parenteral medications based on non-dissolvable pharmaceutical substances using encapsulation and liposomes.
  • The development of products with higher bioavailability (thereby increasing absorption rates) through modification of biopharmaceutical characteristics. The modifications are achieved by the creation of nano-crystals, which are formed through size reduction in the gas phase, as well as through synthetic crystallization.

These are only the first of several projects Rafarma is exploring in cooperation with Christian Albrecht University.

Rafarma CEO Dave Anderson stated, “This cooperative effort creates a synergy between a top-level research university and a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production plant, which will open up many opportunities now and in the future for both Rafarma and Christian Albrecht University.”

Newly-appointed board member and CAU faculty member, Dr. Hartwig Steckel [the Director of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (Institute of Pharmacy) at Christian Albrecht University], commented, “This relationship is extremely exciting and I look forward to progressing rapidly with RAFARMA-CAU joint developments.”


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