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Caliber I.D. Adds Two New Distributors for its VivaScope Confocal Microscope Platform

Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics (Caliber I.D.), formerly Lucid, Inc. (LCDX), has added two new distributors for its platform of VivaScope® confocal microscopes. Emdutos Industria e Comercio Ltda will distribute the VivaScope® devices in the Brazilian market.

Equipmed will distribute the VivaScope® devices in the Australian and New Zealand markets. VivaScope® is registered in Brazil with Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) and in Australia with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The FDA-cleared VivaScope® cellular imaging devices provide patients the option of a painless, noninvasive optical skin biopsy in lieu of expensive and painful traditional skin biopsy.

L. Michael Hone, Chief Executive Officer of Caliber I.D., said, “As Caliber I.D. seeks to strengthen awareness of VivaScope® technology worldwide, it is vital that we continue to expand into new markets. We are therefore delighted to partner with Emdutos and Equipmed. Both Brazil and Australia/New Zealand are potentially major markets for our company as the incidences of malignant skin cancers in these countries are among the highest in the world. We look forward to working with both companies as they introduce physicians to the power and versatility of the VivaScope® line of products.”

Luiz Lamardo Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Emdutos, said, “Brazil represents a high- potential opportunity for VivaScope®. The country has more than 6,000 dermatologists, with practitioners and medical facilities investing in new technologies. We are excited about adding VivaScope® to our line of products and we are confident we will develop a collaborative and integrated partnership in the long term. We are proud to work with Caliber I.D. in the upcoming years.”

Stene Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Equipmed, said, “Equipmed is focused on a vision of dermatology into the future. We see that VivaScope® devices will provide physicians with valuable information when it comes to examining the skin to aid with more accurate diagnosis of skin cancer, including melanoma. Ultimately this will benefit patients in Australia and New Zealand. We are excited to be adding Caliber’s products to our portfolio.”

About Emdutos Industria e Comercio Ltda
Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Emdutos is focused on marketing health products in the dermatology, urology, podiatry, aesthetic medicine and veterinary markets. Its customers are professionals who require management of skin images (including auxiliary resources for assessing the risk of malignancy of lesions), cryosurgery and skin lesions that may be treated on an outpatient basis.

About Equipmed
Equipmed’s cosmeceutical, dermatological, disinfection and aesthetic equipment uses the latest, cutting-edge technology, and is backed by Synergy of Solutions expert training, marketing and equipment maintenance support, designed to help you deliver real results and build on proven success. Equipmed has been a leading independent distributor of equipment for the cosmetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiological industries since 1976. The company sources a range of brand names and products, picking the very best available from leading manufacturers. With in-depth knowledge of this market, Equipmed has also sourced and developed its own range of solutions, including DermapenÔ, Sphere Technologies and many more.


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