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Industrial Nanotech Creates Next Generation Concrete Roof Tile

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., a global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving solutions, today announced that it has created a next generation concrete roof tile which incorporates the energy saving, mold/mildew/bacteria resistance, and UV resistance qualities of the Company’s well established Nansulate(R) product line into a premium concrete roof tile product, applied at the tile manufacturer’s factory during the production process in a fast and cost efficient manner.

The new tile product is protected by US & international patents and patents pending. The product will be made available to the roofing industry in early 2014.

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. CEO/CTO Stuart Burchill stated, “We have teamed up with one of the dominant US roof tile manufacturers and many of the major US roofing contractors to bring to market a product that many of them consider to be a paradigm shift in the industry, a disruptive technology. The product significantly increases the energy efficiency of the roof, is resistant to the growth of unsightly mold/mildew/bacteria which plagues roofs throughout the southeast…without using a toxic moldicide…and incorporates leading edge UV resistant technology that protects the original brilliance of the tile color and therefore the aesthetics of the home. By lowering the maintenance costs of the roof tile with the `stay clean' qualities and increasing the energy efficiency, we have created a premium roof tile product that pays for itself.”

Per leading industry analysts, concrete roof tile manufacturing in the US is projected to be 14 billion square feet of roof tile per year by 2015 and 16 billion square feet of roof tile per year by 2020.

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About Industrial Nanotech Inc.

Industrial Nanotech Inc. is a global nanoscience solutions and research leader and member of the U.S. Green Building Council. The Company develops and commercializes new and innovative applications for sustainable nanotechnology which are sold worldwide, including Nansulate(R) thermal insulation and asset protection coatings provide energy savings, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, prevention of CUI, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and other protective benefits. The coatings are low VOC, water-based, and sustainable.


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