Fulcrum Introduces Nano-Technology Based SP1/CNT Reinforcement Solution for Fiberglass and Epoxy Composites

Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd a world leader in innovative nanotechnology for enhanced composite materials, is introducing its SP1/CNT reinforcement solution for Fiberglass and Epoxy composites. Using nano-technology and specifically Carbon Nano-Tubes, Fulcrum's solution increases the toughness of such composites by at least 30% without affecting the overall strength.

Fulcrum's technology enables customers to introduce Glass/Epoxy composites to much demanding applications, keeping affordable costs.

Customers have already deployed successfully Fulcrum's SP1/CNT reinforcement solutions in the aerospace market, realizing the commercialized scale and advantages of nano-technology in composites.

"Our unique SP1/CNT technology, which combines biotech and nano-technology, implemented for mass production in standard textile dyeing machines, enables us to provide our customers with a wide variety of solutions, tailored for their specific needs. We are very satisfied with our customers' feedback and cooperation in introducing our SP1/CNT complex for their products. We encourage companies to contact us in order to collaborate in working on their specific needs", said Nimrod Litvak, Fulcrum's CEO.

About Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd:

Established in 2007, Fulcrum SP Materials is a nanotechnology company commercializing the use of nanoparticles in the rapidly growing €82 billion composites market (Source: JEC Composites). The composites market includes raw materials such as carbon/glass fibers and aramid. Composites are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, construction, transport and marine, wind energy and sports equipment. Fulcrum's proprietary SP1/CNT technology can significantly improve the performance properties of composites; creating for its customers stronger and/or lighter parts manufactured at competitive costs. From its headquarters in Israel, Fulcrum is working in close cooperation with a number of leading multinational companies to develop a range of improved and innovative new commercial products for various end-markets.

Source: http://www.fulcrumnano.com/

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