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SID Display Week: Cima NanoTech Highlights Ultra Responsive 42” Large Format Touch Screen

Cima NanoTech, a smart nanomaterials company specializing in high performance transparent conductors, showcases an ultra responsive, non-ITO film-based 42” large format touch screen at SID Display Week.

Combining Cima NanoTech’s highly conductive SANTE® FS200 touch films and specially engineered multi-chip touch controllers from Silicon integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), the 42” touch screen demo boasts an exceptional scan rate of 150hz for 10-point multi-touch, or a response time of 6.5 milliseconds, allowing end-users to enjoy the instantaneous touch response of smartphones and tablets on large and ultra large format touch displays.

The performance of today’s touch-enabled software is often constrained by the hardware technology accompanying it - and slow response time is one of the main issues. This compromise is even more evident in large format touch screens that are 30-inch and above - a high growth market for self-service retail kiosks, interactive flat panel displays, touch-enabled tabletops and many others. Engineered to possess high conductivity and mechanical flexibility, Cima NanoTech’s SANTE® FS200 touch films allow touch panel manufacturers to keep pace with software developers, thus transforming the overall large format touch experience into one that is more enjoyable, interactive and engaging.

“We are excited to be working with SiS to develop best in class, ultra responsive, large format touch screens.” said Jon Brodd, CEO, Cima NanoTech. “We are confident that by leveraging the expertise of both companies, we can fully capitalize on the strong market potential of large format touch screens.”

By working directly with leading IC chip companies, Cima NanoTech is able to provide touch solutions that are easily integrated into their customer’s existing processes, shortening the time-to-market of products. In addition, SANTE® FS200 touch films are compatible with standard etching and lamination methods, enabling supply chain freedom for touch panel manufacturers.

“The superior multi-point accuracy, high response rate and high sensitivity of the 42” touch demo truly makes it a breakthrough product in the industry, and we look forward to see the innovative applications our customers will use this product for,” commented Eddie Chang, Vice President, Sales, SiS.

To arrange a meeting with Cima NanoTech during SID Display Week 2014 and receive a demonstration of the company’s advanced material and technology, please contact: [email protected].

About Cima NanoTech

Cima NanoTech is a smart nanomaterials company delivering high performance, next-generation transparent conductors. The company developed its proprietary SANTE® nanoparticle technology, a silver nanoparticle conductive coating that self-assembles into a random mesh-like network when coated onto a substrate. SANTE® nanoparticle technology enables transparent conductors in a multitude of markets from large-format multi-touch displays to capacitive sensors, transparent and moldable EMI shielding, transparent heaters, transparent antennas, OLED lighting, electrochromic, and other flexible applications. Cima NanoTech has business development centers in the U.S., Singapore, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. For more information, visit

“Cima NanoTech” and “SANTE” are registered trademarks of Cima NanoTech, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

About Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS)

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp., (SiS) is a worldwide leading IC design company. The company devotes efforts in cutting-edge SoC solutions to meet various applications for digital era. The products have been widely applied in touch and tablet devices, HDTV, internet TV, portable CE, personal computers and customized SoC design service. We expect to offer more user centric and greener innovation to fulfill the vision of digital life. Founded in 1987, SiS is headquartered in Taiwan and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code "2363". For more information, visit


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