Nanotronics Imaging Launches New Method to Explore, Manipulate Materials at the Atomic Level

Nanotronics Imaging, developer of the world’s most technologically advanced nanoimaging solutions, today introduced nVisible™, a new way for Nanotronics customers to explore and manipulate materials at the molecular level and smaller.

nVisible works with the existing 3D visualizations generated by Nanotronics’ nSpec 3D microscope, incorporating virtual reality capabilities that allow users to virtually “walk through” the molecular and atomic topography of the material being studied.

“Science is at the cusp of a new industrial revolution where the ability to understand the world at nanoscale will enable radical advancements across numerous industries,” said Matthew Putman, co-founder and CEO of Nanotronics. “To create the future, you have to be able to see it. So with nVisible we are turning 3D microscopic visualizations into exploratory, interactive content that will allow researchers, technicians, and scientists an experiential way to gather insights and collaborate at the atomic level.”

Last year, Nanotronics released its nSpec 3D, an advanced microscope that produces the fastest nanotopographies in the world. nSpec integrates the world’s most powerful optical lenses with advanced computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities to render three-dimensional visualizations of a material’s atomic structures. By incorporating nVisible into this system, users can virtually walk through the surface, tagging and manipulating structures in ways that previously weren’t possible.

nVisible Premieres at Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards and Pioneer Works Gala

Today Nanotronics will introduce the power of nVisible through a short film premiering at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, where Nanotronics will receive an award alongside some of the most innovative companies and individuals of the year. Created using nVisible technology, the film takes the viewer from the physical world of objects deep into the nano-world, zooming from a visible examination of a moth’s wing down into its molecular and atomic structure.

Visitors to the upcoming Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation’s annual gala, Village Fete, will experience the full 3D, virtual reality version of the film viewed through virtual reality headsets. Village Fete takes place May 3, 2015 at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are available at

Eric Drexler Joins Advisory Board

Nanotronics also announced that the company has welcomed Eric Drexler to its strategic advisory board. Drexler is credited with pioneering the concept of nanoscale atomically precise manufacturing, and was integral in introducing and popularizing the concept of advanced nanotechnologies based on machines that work at the molecular scale to a broad audience. Drexler is currently an Academic Visitor in residence at Oxford University where he recently completed his book Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization, and is studying potential solutions to safety questions associated with the emergence of superintelligent machines.

“The ongoing revolution in nanoscale engineering is transforming our lives: Every chip in every cell phone is a product of nanotechnology. To make progress in this realm, scientists and engineers must be able to see what they are doing. Nanotronics is pushing forward the necessary state of the art and bringing new capabilities to industry and research labs around the world,” said Drexler.


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