Complete Analysis of Global Nanowires Market

Nanowires are building blocks for next generation of electronics, photonics, sensors and energy applications. The major application of nanowires is in transparent conductors market whose value in 2014 was around US $ 3000 million. Asia pacific and North America are the leading markets for transparent conductors. So it is expected that these regions would be the leading markets for nanowires as well.

The metal nanowires can be used in electrical connection to nano-circuits, high density perpendicular data storage devices, nano-sensors and nano-electrodes. Over the years Silver Nanowires would replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), which is used as transparent conductive coating for capacitance touch screens. Moreover with growing research advances nanowires could replace LEDs as well.

Semi-conductor Nanowires can be used to increase the efficiency of Solar Cells. Solar Voltaics, a startup gathered an investment of $ 9.4 million, based on its claim that its new nanowire technology can be used to generate more efficient solar cells. Semiconductor nanowires can be applied in solar cells, battery electrodes, sensors and in biology. Semiconductor quantum nanowires can be used in optoelectronic applications.

The major manufacturers of nanowires globally are:- Blue Nano, Cambrios, Minnesota Wire, Novarials, Nanostructured and Amorphous materials Inc, US Nano, Kemix, ACS Material, Blue Nano, Nano Composix, RAS Materials, Sea Shell Technology.


Development of production processes for rapid and mass production of these materials is the major driver, driving this market. Moreover, applications of nanowires in LEDS, nano-medicines and consumer goods in increasing. Investments in research activities in this sector is on rise.


One of the major challenge faced by this market is the insufficient control over properties of individual blocks while manufacturing nanowires. There is also lack of reliable methods for assembling and building blocks into circuits.


Lastly, the report is divided by geography - North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC), South America and Middle-East & Africa (MEA); where-in the market share of each region is analyzed and estimates are provided for the next 6 years. The various applications of nanowires have been discussed in detail in addition to a comprehensive overview of the market.

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