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National Taiwan University Selects Ultratech Fiji G2 ALD System for Research Activities

Ultratech, Inc., a leading supplier of lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), as well as atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems, today announced that National Taiwan University's (NTU) Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Materials Laboratory (NNML) has selected the Fiji G2 ALD system for their research activities. The NNML will serve as a focal point of collaborative research with Ultratech-CNT, as well as a demonstration site for customers interested in Ultratech-CNT's ALD systems.

While NTU is currently working with several Ultratech ALD systems, Professor Miin-Jang Chen, Taiwan's leading ALD researcher and head of the NNML, said, "We are planning to use the new Fiji G2 system to deposit a range of materials that are not easily accessible using a standard ALD system. We plan to take advantage of the Low Vapor Pressure Delivery (LVPD) option in developing advanced ternary and quaternary materials as part of our research into high-quality III-nitride atomic layer epitaxy, metallic nanostructures for plasmonics and surface-enhanced Raman scattering, advanced high-K/metal gate stacks, and ferroelectric negative capacitance for nanoelectronics. We have been working with the Savannah and Fiji ALD systems for over eight years and have found them to be excellent research tools. Our decision to move forward with our most recent purchase and to establish a collaborative relationship with Ultratech-CNT was based on our confidence in the performance of these products and in the consistency of support we have always received from the Ultratech-CNT staff over the years."

Ultratech-CNT Vice President of Research and Engineering, Ganesh Sundaram, Ph.D., said, "Our long-term relationship with Professor Chen is a testament to the durability and productivity of our systems. Professor Chen's ALD research is highly regarded, and we are extremely pleased that he has chosen to work in partnership with us. We believe this collaboration will provide us with key opportunities to interact with his group on a scientific basis and allow researchers interested in ALD access to learn more about our instruments and their use by visiting the NTU facility."

Ultratech Fiji G2 ALD System
For advanced thin films, the Fiji series is a modular, high-vacuum ALD system that accommodates a wide range of deposition modes using a flexible architecture and multiple configurations of precursors and plasma gases. The result is a next-generation ALD system capable of performing thermal and plasma-enhanced deposition. Ultratech CNT has applied advanced computational fluid dynamics analyses to optimize the Fiji reactor, heaters, and vapor trap geometries. The system's intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor and change recipes and processes as required. The Fiji is available in several different configurations, with up to six heated precursor ports that can accommodate solid, liquid or gas precursors, and up to six plasma gas lines. Options include a built-in ozone generator, Load Lock as well as several in-situ analysis tools, which offer significant experimental flexibility in a compact and affordable footprint.


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