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Nanotech, KolourOptik Technology Recently Featured by Simon Fraser University

Nanotech Security Corp. today announced that the company and its KolourOptik® technology were recently featured by Simon Fraser University. KolourOptik technology is a branding and anti-counterfeiting nanotechnology developed at Simon Fraser University by Nanotech’s current Chief Technology Officer Mr. Clint Landrock and current Director Dr. Bozena Kaminska. Nanotech acquired the technology from the creators and SFU in 2014. The university profiled Nanotech’s KolourOptik technology, which was used as a security feature on tickets for the Union of European Football Associations’ (UEFA) Euro 2016® Football Championship in France. The video and article are available at

KolourOptik technology was developed with help from 4D LABS, a materials research institute located at SFU. Requiring no inks, the technology uses nano-structure holes which are 1,500 times smaller than a human hair, to create high-definition images that can be applied to any substrate. Nanotech is currently focused on developing anti-counterfeiting solutions for secure documents and banknotes. Earlier this year, Nanotech was awarded a contract with UEFA to create a KolourOptik image of the football tournament’s mascot, Super Victor. The image, added as a security and branding feature for the game tickets, was created with more than two billion nano-sized holes that reflect light to produce the HD colors.

Mr. Landrock stated, “Simon Fraser played a critical role in the initial success of KolourOptik technology. We appreciate the interest and the ongoing support from the university. At most university labs you turn over your work to lab workers. 4D LABS at SFU offers a highly secure facility where our equipment is housed, and our scientists perform all the work.”

UEFA EURO 2016® is a registered trademark of the Union des Associations Européennes de Football.


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