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Therapon Develops New Nanoparticles with UV Protection in 5,000 SPF Range

Therapon's R & D team has developed UV radiation absorbing silicon particle based on quantum physics properties. The nanoparticles have proven to trap up to 98 percent of the full sun energy spectrum, UVA and UVB, while remaining colorless on skin.

With these nanoclusters, the future may have skin-protecting products with potential effectiveness in the 5,000 SPF range. The technology and particles are a totally new mechanism for sun protection. Rigorous testing and approval processes must come before the new breakthrough will be available in the marketplace.

When applied to the skin, the nanoclusters leave an invisible layer of protection from harmful UV rays. If use begins at an early age, they could possibly eliminate the development of all skin cancer and melanoma.

The nanoclusters were developed in a joint partnership between Theraderm's James Beckman, MD and Anatoli Ischenko, PhD of Moscow State University in Russia. They trap quantum dots of sun energy and allow it to be dissipated as harmless vibrations. This protects skin from harmful UV sunrays, which are the damaging factors responsible for 90 percent of the aging of human skin.

Beckman and Ischenko first filed for a US Patent on Beckman's idea for the nanoparticles in 2005; research has continued on the product since the patent was filed. The debut date of the new nanoclusters in the marketplace is still uncertain.

"We are hoping to partner with a pharmaceutical company soon to roll it out globally," Beckman said.

The nanoclusters particles are made by using focused lasers to vaporize sand at 5,000 degrees to get pure silicon kernels that cool while forming an annealed coating of silicon oxide. The particle size and physical composition gives them the quantum physics properties and ability to trap energy waves as particles.


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