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EM Resolutions Announce the Availability of Kleindiek Nanotechnik’s New Cryo Microgripper for Cryo-FIB Lift-out

EM Resolutions, manufacturers and suppliers of tools and accessories for users of electron microscopes, announce the availability of new cryo microgripper for cryo-FIB lift-out, a product of Kleindiek Nanotechnik.

As UK and Irish distributors for Kleindiek Nanotechnik, EM Resolutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new cryo microgripper specifically designed for cryo Focussed Ion Beam (cryo-FIB) lift out procedures.

Used with a MM3A-EM micromanipulator the specially insulated gripper provides a reliable way to perform lift out of TEM lamella down to liquid nitrogen temperatures. The cryo microgripper is compatible with most SEM/FIB systems equipped with cold stages and is based on the proven MGS2 microgripper from Kleindiek.

The new design and efficient insulation ensures the lamellae remain in a vitrified state in the gripper during the lift out.

The cryo-FIB lift-out process with cryo microgripper is further enhanced in combination with iLO Intelligent Lift Out software. This provides an intuitive and seamless way of positioning the cryo microgripper on the lamella, lifting it out and attaching to the desired grid or TEM holder.

The microgripper tips can be positioned by simple drag & drop actions whilst giving precise control that executes a perfectly vertical lift-out motion. It also integrates a convenient park & restore function to give an intermediate 'parking' position when not in use.

Further information on the cryo microgripper and its applications as well as other Kleindiek products is available from EM Resolutions. Please visit

About EM Resolutions

EM Resolutions was founded in 2012 to manufacture high quality TEM support films for laboratory consumables companies in the UK. Having grown to become a Limited Company and with an increasing range of products, they are now a significant supplier of consumables and accessories for Electron Microscopy. They distribute worldwide directly to end users as well as through a growing network of distributors. The EMR team combine many years’ experience in the microscopy industry with listening to customer needs and supplying the best quality products with a prompt and professional service.

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