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Cerion Advanced Materials CEO Landon Mertz to Discuss Commercialization of Nanomaterials During Nanotechnology Industries Association Webinar

Cerion Advanced Materials today announced that CEO Landon Mertz will present at the Nanotechnology Industries Association’s (NIA) first in business webinar titled, “Nano in Business: Commercialisation of Nanomaterials.” Mertz will introduce Cerion, which is a global leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials for industrial and defense customers, as well as present key business and technical considerations that must be addressed in order to successfully commercialize these vital technologies.

NIA is a membership organization that supports the development of nanotech innovations across Europe and around the world. The NIA “Nano in Business: Commercialisation of Nanomaterials” webinar will be held Thursday, January 24 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM CET.

The webinar is open to all interested participants and will be recorded for public access. Preregistration is required:

“Advanced materials are transforming the global manufacturing landscape at a pace not seen previously,” said Mertz. “Nanomaterials play a critical role in addressing the need to continually introduce new, disruptive products or substantially improve performance to existing products to capture or retain market share in multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, pharma, and others. The key to success is the ability to scale and commercialize.”

Mertz will share an accompanying presentation outlining the commercialization of nanomaterials as well as areas of current and future commercial developments.

Additional information on NIA can be found on its site:


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