Podcast - The Implications for Health, Safety and the Environment of the Nanotech Revolution

Nanotechnology Victoria (NanoVic) and AZoNetwork announce the release of the second Nanotech Podcast - "The Implications for Health, Safety and the Environment of the Nanotech Revolution"

Podcast available at https://www.azonano.com/podcasts/

Nanotechnology Victoria (NanoVic) and AZoNetwork have announced the official release of the second in a series of Nanotechnology Reviews in a Podcast format.

This second Podcast (https://www.azonano.com/podcasts/nano.mp3) gathers the opinions of key stakeholders with interests in the health, safety and environmental impacts of nanotechnology.  It asks: are there risks associated with some nanotechnologies?  Is it ethical to proceed with some areas of nanotechnology and what are the implications with a technology that may profoundly change human life?

Dr. Peter Binks, CEO of NanoVic (Melbourne) commented, "The first podcast introducing nanotechnology was well received.  Following that, we believed it was necessary to open the debate on the critical issues.  We believe it is imperative that the general public, industry and academia are aware of the challenges posed by nanotechnology, and wherever possible can make their own decisions about its future. The podcast provides perspectives from a range of stakeholders such as the ACTU, Friends of the Earth, and toxicology and insurance leaders, and allows for a more informed discussion.  We hope that this discussion and debate is continued over coming years, and ultimately enables the Australian community to make a consensus decision".

Dr. Ian Birkby, the CEO of AZoNetwork (Sydney) the operator of the AZoNano.com website commented, "There is a real need for industry, regulatory authorities and the general public to be aware of issues associated with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology offers many benefits, but to avoid any technological backlash, the Nanotech community must proceed within valid frameworks that ensure suitable health and safety, environmental and risk assessment standards are applied for the greater good of all. This podcast is an ideal introduction to some of these issues."

The podcast examines the issues associated with the nanotechnology revolution, specifically the effects on health, safety and the environment.  It features interviews with a number of key stakeholders including:

  • Georgia Miller, Friends of the Earth spokesperson on nanotechnology, on the risks and concerns for the consumer;
  • Steve Mullins, Health and Safety Officer for the ACTU and participant in the Standards Australia taskforce on nanotechnology, speaking about the importance of worker health considerations;
  • Angus Robinson, National Business Development Manager, CGU (IAG) on the risk management issues associated with nanotechnology;
  • Dr Rob Sparrow, lecturer and ethicist with the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University addressing issues of access and public involvement in decision-making;
  • Assoc Prof Paul Wright, toxicologist at RMIT University and coordinator of NanoSafe Australia, providing details on issues associated with the understanding of nano-toxicity.

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For further information on the podcast please contact:

Dr. Kristin Alford
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Nanotechnology Victoria
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